Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Juliet

Two years ago today was my due date for Emily! I can't believe it has been two years!!!!
For Emiy's 2nd birthday she decided to have a Gnomeo and Juliet party. She LOVES this movie, and I think we might have seen it at least 20 Bizillion times!!!! My mom made her a Juliet dress, that she looked adorable in, and hasn't taken off since. I served a lot of garden themed snacks, and everything was red and blue. We even got a featherstone for the occasion, which has made it inside and is more of a toy than a lawn decoration:) We were going to have lawnmower races, however it was the one rainy day in Southern California, so the girls have been doing their own lawn mower races in the backyard. She almost slept through the whole thing that is why her hair looks wet, I woke her up half way through the party and she was a sweaty mess:) I didn't want her to miss it though!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


My three beautiful children...I feel so blessed this Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby Sullivan

So I haven't posted any pictures or even posted since "little man," (that is what the girls call him), has been born because for the first two weeks we were just enjoying every minute of him. Then he got horrible sick:( Unfortunately Sullivan got RSV so I have been terrible overwhelmed and sleep deprived with a sick infant. But the good news is, he is doing much better and we have had a ton of help while he has been sick.
Here are some picture of the last couple of weeks. He is wonderful, and beautiful. The girls adore him, and want to hold him all the time. We are actually all doing well, and feel blessed that he is really starting to recover.

Leaving for the Hospital

My Hospital was like a day spa, it was super nice.

Here he is!!!!! 8.4 my biggest baby by an entire pound!!!!

Proud parents

His birth stats

One proud daddy....he was grinning like the joker for hours!

Proud big sister. She brought him trucks. She was so excited!!!!

Proud PB and Mimi

Here we all are (Emily isn't there because I thought it would be too much to come and then go home, a lot to handle at 2)

Going home

Chad going back to work. I think with all of the chaos, he wasn't too sad this time:)

Going home outfit. I loved his hat...I might have been the only one:)

First bath at home

Here are some cute pics from the last couple of weeks. I am telling you, we all are just in heaven with him!