Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Girl is 6!!!!!!

I can't believe it, I officially have a six year old!!!!!  She is wonderful, beautiful, amazing, talented, respectful....I could go on and on and on:)  
We went to American Girl and of course brought Saige (her doll, that she LOVES) and celebrated with Mimi, Emily and Sullivan.  It was so fun to celebrate such a fun girl.  Happy Birthday Little Girl.

Started the day with gifts.  She finally got her Cinderella bike that she wanted SO badly.  She rode it all over the house:)

Happy Birthday to you!

Birthday girl's sister- that is the title Emily gave herself.

My Mom with all the kids, at the Grove with these beautiful pinwheels and flowers.

Emily rocking her baby, so sweet.

The professor

Sullivan showing us, that he is indeed done with American girl.

Saige, Sofia, and her balloon.

Sullivan at his business lunch.

Birthday girl, ready for bed.

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