Thursday, August 28, 2008

The plug

I know most of you get the email updates for the mommy chronicles, which me, myself LOVE! However I do have some blogs of some friends that I have posted to my blog. They are fun to read, and it is always fun to see what they are up to. I just today added another friend's blog to my blog (if that makes sense). She is my god sister, someone I grew up with. She is training for a triathlon! You go Mary! There is also my neighbor, my ex-neighbor, family, some of Sofia's buddies, and Josh and Joanna's blog who are adopting from both Twain and China. So check these people out, I love keeping up with them:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Would you jump off a bridge too?

Well a couple of weeks ago Ida Jane and Sofia went out on their last summer fun activity. Amy was returning to work the next week so we took the girls out for ice cream, in matching outfit. Sofia didn't want to try the sorbet that I had gotten her, and was mostly playing around. Then Ida Jane started to eat it and of course true to form, if Ida Jane is going to do it, so is Sofia. She tried the sorbet and liked it.

After ice cream we took the two girls to the library, where we were informed we had 5 minutes to close. They really had a great time at the library, I think they will be learning it is a quiet place later.

This pic is mostly for my dad:) A motorcycle mama!

We then went outside and played in the fountain outside of the library. Sorry there is no pics of this:( Sofia was too busy getting wet, and holding on to me so no free hand, or dry hand to take pics. And Amy had Harper in the baby byorn and was chasing Ida Jane. It was really cute though.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Soon to be scary around here!

As you probably know, we have been trying to get Sofia to walk for several weeks. On Friday night at Ida Jane's house, Sofia didn't want to leave (she is obsessed with Ida Jane's doll Lulu). So we held Lulu out for her to go to, and.... she took a step to get the coveted doll! I think this was a fluke, and mostly brought on by manipulative parents.
Then on Sunday at Josh and Joanna's house she was in her "crouching," position when she stood back up and took a step! All on her own. Then again yesterday at our house she was playing with her coveted monkeys when she wanted to turn around she was standing up, and turned to take a step! Andrea was the witness on this momentous occasion. We may have a walker here in just a little while!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


     Every year Chad's family goes to Destin Florida.  Last year we weren't able to make it because we had just had Sofia and she had a cold:(  So we definitely were looking forward to this years trip.  The plane flight was AWEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I am being kind.  Sofia decided not to take her afternoon nap and was miserable, and miserable to be around ( I am her mother so I can say that).  We were those people that everyone on the plane hated, she was crying, kicking, screaming, kicking the seat in front of her, throwing things, etc (I am sure you can imagine).  To top it off when we got there, she didn't sleep all night!
     Thank heavens the next day was completely different.  We had a great trip!  She hated the sand, but LOVED the water.  She played, and played and splashed in both the pool and the ocean.  She got to spend a lot of time with her cousin, who she followed everywhere.  
It was wonderful to see family, and spend time together.  I was so great to see Anne.  We LOVED playing with her.  She is talking and running, and a great baby.  She is funny and sweet, and we already miss her A LOT!
Here are a couple of pics from our trip.

Anne and Sofia in the tub taking a bath after some ocean fun

Anne and Sofia at dinner. They are giving each other a kiss:)

Sofia and I playing in the ocean with Grandma and Pappa

Sofia finally warming up to the sand and playing with her cousin's bucket and shovel.

Sofia and Grandma on the beach getting some sun.

One Year Appointment

Sofia had her one year appointment last week.  She did great!  She got two shots and her TB test.  She never broke a fever, she just had sore legs.  She is 20 lbs (25%), 31 inches (95%), and her head is 18 inches (75%).  We are going to turn her car seat around skinny minny finally made 20 lbs (I took her to Austin Grill and fed her two hot dogs and chips to load her up!)  Here is a picture of her at the doctors office before the shots!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Surprise!!!!!!!!! At least that is what everyone shouted at me on Sunday at my surprise 30th birthday party! Sofia was just as surprised as Mommy (as you can see from her expression above when everyone shouted surprise!) My mom, dad, brother, and Chad with some help from a few friends put together a wonderful party to commemorate my wonderful transition to adulthood:) Thank you everyone for such a great party and a great surprise!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Green Mountain State

Chad and I went on our first post baby romantic vacation.  It was great!  Since Chad and I have spent VERY little time together this past year, Tiny Elvis is officially weaned and we are both turning 30 in the coming months, we figured why not celebrate!
We went to Vermont.  We stayed in Stowe, but also spent a day in Burlington.  If you haven't been it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  We did a lot of sleeping in, taking naps, watching TV, eating awesome food and I snuck in a GREAT run.  While we were there they had a lot going on.  There was the  festival of fouls (see video), a car show (we saw some awesome cars!), and beautiful weather to walk on along the shore of Lake Champlain and drive through the mountains.  
We feel so blessed that we were able to spend this time together.  We laughed a lot, and got to really catch up.  It was so much fun!
PS Sofia had a great time with her Mimi, PB and Uncle Tim.  I am not even sure if she noticed we were gone:) 

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Picture of Sofia on her birthday

Here are a couple of pictures of the birthday girl on her birthday. As you can tell she hated her cake. Which we all find hilarious, because of her milk allergy Chad and I had to go to great lengths to get a diary free cake, that was never eaten!

Happy 1st Birthday TIny Elvis!

At least that is what her cake said last Sunday! Yes I know, I know this is the long awaited and anticipated post, but this has also been A LONG week. It was filled with a lot of birthday celebrations.
It all started on Friday the 25th of July, when we went to Cosco to get all of the food and such. Sofia waved happily at everyone, and had a great time getting ready for the big day.
Saturday, Daddy got the yard ready, and Sunday was the big birthday party! It was a blast!!! Sofia took two, two hour naps before the party...thank you GOD! So she was in full swing for the big day. She waved and played, and was throughly enjoying all of the balloons we had in our house. It rained all around us, but not at our house...again thank you GOD! She loved opening gifts.
The week went on with a lot of other activities for the big birthday. We went up to Baltimore for to see the aquarium, she loved that. We also had a small party for her on her actual birthday. This was the day she got Bitty Baby. Which by the way was worth every penny. She loves bitty baby, and wanted her out of the box immediately, and now she goes everywhere with us.
What a great week! Happy Birthday Tiny Elvis, I can not believe it has been a whole year:)