Monday, April 29, 2013


Ok so I have not posted in FOREVER!  We are just too busy, sorry.  However today I just wanted to give a quick update.  My life is CRAZY!!!!!!!  I can not wait for summer, and to just hang out and not worry about schedules.

Sofia has almost finished Kindergarten, has no teeth, and is my busy girl.  She reads, loves ballet and tap, loves to do art, and is still doing daisy girl scouts.

Emily is growing up WAY to fast!  She is now 3 and loves to be with her big sister as much as possible.  The two are the best of friends!  Emily LOVES ballet (if fact I can't get the girl to wear anything but a leotard these days), she has really started to love coloring, and loves, loves, loves to ride her bike.

Sullivan, my VERY busy little man.  He is a talker for sure.  He repeats everything, goes everywhere, is into everything, and loves music.  He carries around an ipod almost everywhere he goes.

I love being a busy mom of three!!!!!

Here they are doing some bike riding.  Yes I know Sullivan has a pink car, such is the life of a boy with sisters.
I love this picture because of the look of adoration in Emily's eyes.  And I remember I wanted them all to just look at me, but Sofia was so worried that Emily was just going to take off and be "unsafe."

Here Emily is doing what she calls her "squeankie smile,"  and I love that Sullivan would like us to just get going, and Sofia has NO teeth!

My big bike rider

There she goes!
This is typical of little man, phone in one hand, beads, and a hat.  The shirt and tie are just bonus:)