Thursday, November 20, 2008

Watch out Vanna

I have a confession to make. Occasionally during dinner Sofia and I will watch Wheel of Fortune. She LOVES that people shout letters and then everyone claps. It is the best show on earth. We have also been writing her name a lot lately with the new marker she has. Well when we turned on wheel tonight, she shouted "S, O," and then clapped and said, "YEAHHHHHH!!!" I don't know if this is a good thing or bad, but it sure was funny:)

Long Time

Well I haven't posted in a while because our house unfortunately came down with the plague just as we were getting back to East Coast time. But now that we are all back to normal we have been up to a lot. Sofia had her first "hair cut," she can now put her guns up, and Sofia has found and loves to wear my running metals! Enjoy these pics. There are more to come.

Sofia get your guns up! Wow that gun is really shooting for the sky!!!

Tiny guns, I guess they are close to her heart:) Watch out Oklahoma, she is ready for you.

Wow a future runner. I am so proud, and excited for her to do her own race, and wear her own metal. But this is fun to watch her wear mine.

The first hair cut. I noticed that her bangs were getting too long, and in her eyes. So we just trimmed her bangs, she was a good client for her mommies first beautician job.

The final product of the hair cut. Doesn't she look gorgeous!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Last of Ireland

Well in this slide show you will see the last week of our trip. We went to Marian's cousin's house, Barbara. She has two kids, so Sofia was in heaven. Emma is three and was so sweet with Sofia, and Ben is only two weeks older than Sofia. She thought he was great....I think we may have a match here:)
We also went to the waterfall just outside of Sligo, by the mountain Benbulben. It was a rainy but fun day. Sofia kept saying, "wawa, wawa." I think the whole thing blew her mind. Then we made cupcakes, for her 15 month birthday. And of course it was a special treat to find Donald Duck cupcakes in the grocery store. We also managed to find some time for some last minute shopping where Auntie Marian found a special way to spoil Sofia. She bought her, her first DIAMONDS!!! It is a bracelet that is made just for little girls:)
We then found an indoor play ground where Sofia just went nuts! It was called Happy Days, and it was a happy day for Sofia. The slides were very fast, so of course we had to ride them a thousand times! We also went to the Harp one last time for some good Guinness and music. Then it was off to Dublin to see the zoo and go to the Auld Dubiner, my favorite pub in Dublin! We had a great flight back, and it was nice that they played "Mama Mia," Sofia's favorite new movie!
We had great time, enjoy the pics!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back from the Ireland

Well we made it back.  It was a great trip, and we were so lucky to spend that time with Marian...or as Sofia calls her Maian.  She made the 8 hour flight seamlessly, she is such a good girl.  I will post pictures later on when the jet lag wears off.  In the mean time here is a video that became Sofia's favorite video to watch on you tube while we were there. She watched sesame street, Donald duck and a few other from you tube, while Marian and I made breakfast for her every morning.  

Saturday, November 1, 2008

An Irish Halloween

Well Halloween has come and gone, but we sure did have a lot of fun. We started the day in town where we shopped, got scary movies and went to lunch at our favorite restaurant the Bistro. We then went to the park and enjoyed the beautiful day. After dinner Sofia got a real treat, a bat cookie! We were then off to go trick-or-treating, so we put on the monkey costume. At first Sofia SCREAMED!!!!!!! But after we put on a dancing monkey video she was fine with leaving the costume on. We went to a neighborhood close to Marian's house, and there were great decorated houses. At first Sofia didn't understand why we were knocking on people's doors, asking for candy and then leaving, but she soon caught on, and was all about ringing the door bell then waiting until the door opened and then lifting up her trick-or-treat bag:) She didn't like some of the scary masks, but loved watching all of the kids run from house to house.