Saturday, January 30, 2010

Past couple of weeks

Ahhhh, that is me taking a breath:) We have been consumed with house selling! So here is an update. My family graciously took us in for a week and a half while our house was first on the market and our realtor had an open house. We had a blast, and it was so wonderful to just hang out with my family and stay away from the cauous! So thank you, thank you, thank you family!!!!!!!
Here are a couple of the fun things that we did:

Sofia watched the Cardinal game with my dad- a couple of weeks ago. They got all dressed up in their cardinal gear, just to cheer them on. Sofia was really sad when they lost. She said that it was "too bad that the cardinals lost....but now they get to go home!"

We celebrated PB birthday while we were there. Sofia insisted on making him a pink, heart birthday cake with an Ariel topper and sprinkles. I am not sure if the cake was more for my dad, or for her:)

We also celebrated Aunt Mary Kay's birthday. It is the same day as my dad's. We got her a Michael Jackson poster, Sofia was SOOOOO excited to give it to her. They both share a love of MJ.

Sofia got a big girl hair cut from Pilar, the same girl who cuts Mommies hair.

I stayed up almost every night finishing my nieces quilt. It was very fun. It only took me a whole year exactly to the day! Parts of it are made from Karen's bridesmaid's dresses:) Noelle and and my mom stayed up helping me and keeping me company. It will be a GREAT memory. My mom and I did this project together, she is a great sewing mentor, thank you mom!

We are now back in MD, and have done laundry, grocery shopping, and almost cleaned the house:) I have had another doctor's appointment and sono. So we are back in the swing of things. We are just desperately trying to stay abreast of the house, and keeping it forever clean while it's on the market.

So a baby update: The mad hatter is NUTS!!!! It moves all the time, and Sofia is just in love with it. She can't wait until it comes out, "to meet her!" Everything is going according to plan, and looks great (at least that is what the doctor assured me of on Tuesday). I am VERY VERY tired of being pregnant, and I too can't wait for this baby to come out and meet me:)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I adore my Daddy!

And yes those are Superman PJ's that Sofia thought Chad couldn't live without! He is of course her hero:)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a blessing!

The last couple of months have been very stressful! The most stressful part has been cleaning our house and getting it ready to put on the market. It seemed like Chad and I had a never ending list of going through closets and drawers, trips to home depot, and putting stuff in the attic. Everything is finally done and the sign is in the front yard. Now we just have to pray that the right person comes along at the right time and offers the right amount, it is totally out of our hands.
Well I think that the stress had finally gotten to us all and none of us wanted to be in our house. Well it so happened that a couple of weeks ago we got an offer to go for the weekend to a timeshare in Virginia. We were hesitant to go, but it has been a fantastic get away, and a true blessing. It has been so nice to spend some stress free, family time together. Sofia loved running around the condo, making messes that didn't need to be cleaned up right away. Daddy and Mommy enjoyed time together watching the Dallas game last night together. Today we went to a water park and an arcade.
Sorry no pictures, we decided to leave the camera at home and just spend the time enjoying each others company:)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Our big project

So in August when we found out we were pregnant, Chad and I started to talk about, "Where are we going to put this baby!?!" We hadn't yet decided what we were going to do yet for each other for Christmas gifts, and we had talked about redoing our bedroom for many years. So that is what we did. We completely overhauled our bedroom, floor to ceiling (literally!) with a lot of help from many friends (thanks everyone for helping the pregnant lady:) Our bedroom was carpet, red walls, tan accents, and a MESS!!!! So now it is blue, serene, and hard wood floors. It is a romantic get away for now, and will soon house baby #2 with us (if we don't sell our house first- oh yeah that's right we are putting our house on the market next week. So please start praying for us!). Here are a couple of before and after shots.

Before- Now I didn't take any actual before shots, so these are just random pictures to show you what it was like before the overhaul. Some of them are even from last Christmas when we put our tree in our room and did Christmas there.

During the overhaul- So we replaced all of our bedding, painted our walls, ripped up the carpet and refinished the hard wood floors, rearranged the room, put up curtains, and went through every drawer and closet and got rid of A LOT!

The finished product. I LOVE it!!!!!!

I would LOVE to thank with all of my hear, Joanna for making this all possible, and painting my entire room, having the vision, and being an AMAZING friend!!!!!!!!!