Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Disney Dancing Queen

I never really understood the whole Disney thing before Sofia. Now I know that it is everywhere, kids LOVE it, and that is why Disney owns everything. I feel like we are a walking Disney advertisement on a daily basis!
Here is two videos of Sofia dancing. One is our new Disney CD which sounded like a great purchase at the time, but now I realize you can only take so much Mickey Mouse singing in one lifetime. JK Sofia loves it and it is really fun.
The other video is Sofia singing her own rendition of Sleeping Beauties "I know you," and dancing with Cinderella, while we are talking to Mimi on Skype.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crib happy

So it is no secret that Sofia has always had a hard time sleeping, putting herself to sleep, the crib, etc. We are happy to say that we are on probably week 2 or even 3 of her putting herself to sleep at night. And by this I mean I take her into her room put her "blue stars," (a lady bug night light) lullaby music, and cover her up with pink, purple, yellow and cinderella blanket, and say good-night!!!! It takes about 5 minutes for the whole process because she wants to tell me all about her day and what she wants to do tomorrow as well. But I will take the 5 and sometime 10 minutes of talk versus crying, rocking, patting or NURSING!!!!
Anyways she has decided that she likes her crib and that she will accept being in there. She likes putting her babies to sleep in there, and yes she pats and sings them to sleep (probably wishful thinking on her part). It is very cute. Here is a short video of her laying with her babies.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're going to the zoo

I went to the zoo with my friend Jenn and her two little ones last week. We had a blast. It was so much fun to see Katie and Sofia run around together. They are only two months apart, and they have a blast together. Sofia loved riding down there in Miss Jenn's car because she got to sing with Katie, and talk to and stare at baby Joshua the whole time. All of them fell asleep on the way back, I think they all had a great time.
Here are a couple of picks from the day.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The toy box

Chad and I finally cleaned out our attic! It has been a long time coming and it took all day, but we got rid of A LOT!!!!! With the money that we earned from our strange and yet successful yard sale we bought Sofia a toy box. This will totally help with the clutter that we have with all of the toys she has accumulated.
We also told her that she had to earn the toy box....yes we are those sneaky parents:) So we told her that if she helped us clean up all week we would get her a toy box with a pink (her favorite color) lid. It worked!!!! She has been a cleaning machine and now we don't have toys EVERYWHERE. So here she is helping me put it together and putting her favorite toys inside the toy box. I have also included pictures of before the toy box, and of her lining up "the guys," all of her little princess characters- these are her FAVORITE toys, I guess because they are hand size?
PS Sorry for the one picture being sideways, I am using a new program and I am on a nap schedule so I didn't have time to figure it out.

Before the toy box

Helping Mommy put the toy box together by standing inside of it.

Putting all of "the guys," inside the toy box

Lining up the guys

Potty Head

Do any of you know why we are always sick?

And if you are wondering, yes that is Sofia's potty bowl on her head. She thought it doubled as a great hat!

New changes

Chad and I celebrated our 7th year wedding anniversary on May 18th. Which was a pretty nice day, non-eventful, which was great (those of you who know how our luck on this day goes:)
Chad has also finished his PhD program and is officially Dr. Chad! HURRAY!!!!!! So I will be changing our outdated (and yes pregnant picture) a new one. Now we just both have to be not sick, showered, and together at the same place and time, with someone besides Sofia to take our picture together......It may be awhile:)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last Comic Standing

I believe that Sofia is trying out for Last Comic Standing on a daily basis these days. She really likes to make us laugh, so she is testing everything out....and I mean everything, then saying, "That's funny!" Sometimes it is funny (such as the two short videos below). Sometimes it isn't that funny such as the other night she kept flinging spaghetti on the walls, and we were really trying not to laugh, and tell her that is not funny.

Enjoy our little comedian!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day was not exactly how I would have pictured it this year. I had a fever and Sofia got a mysterious eye infection. So we celebrated at home in our pajamas:) We played jewelry on Mommy's bed, one of Sofia's favorite things to do these days.

The week only got worse though. So as many of you may know, I am not a good sick mom. So Monday I thought that I would just put in my time and get both of us feeling better. It was all working and Sofia and I didn't do much of anything on Monday or Tuesday just stayed close to home, and her eyes were getting better and I had been fever free since Sunday night, when it all came unraveled on Wednesday afternoon! Sofia kept crying on the way home from an errand (which was totally not like her), her nose had started to run and her eyes weren't getting any better, only to be followed by a cough. Well as it turns out she has Pneumonia! And I think that I am soon to follow as I don't feel that great! So here is our week in photos and video. Notice we are wearing PJs in almost every shot. Hopefully we will both kick this, and start over next week:(

Cheerfully playing and putting in our "sick," at home time, before the storm hit!
Here is a video of Sofia showing off some of her talents, but being too distracted by watching herself after a tapping, so we never really finish the act:)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommy, Katie, Mamma?

I think it has come to Sofia's attention that everyone calls me something different. So lately she has been saying, "Mommy, Katie." pointing to me, and then saying, "Mamma." Sometimes she will yell for me from the back room and say, "Hey Mommy," and when I don't come she will say, "Hey Katie!"
Well today in the car I was distracted and was on auto pilot to get onto the freeway, when I actually needed to be turning right. Well I said, "Oh shoot!" When the voice from the back said, "Oh what happened, Katie?" I totally started to crack up, so of course now I get a lot of, "Oh what happened Katie?"

Friday, May 8, 2009

Halloween Ballerina

Gran'ma sent Sofia a care package that had a ballerina outfit and orange crocks. The care package had other stuff in it as well but she only cared about these two items. As you can see she thought that they should go together! She wore this around all morning, so we decided to call her the Halloween Ballerina:)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An Irish Visitor

Marian came to visit us last week! We all had a blast. We went to brookside gardens and took a picnic, only to find out that we weren't allowed to eat there (but we did anyway, just in secret.) We took her to our gymboree classes, which Sofia and Marian had a great time at. We did some shopping, I think Sofia even had a good time. We did a lot of just hanging out, which was really relaxing and fun. Marian and Chad took Sofia to the zoo (sorry no pictures, I can't find them on the computer..long story!) We just had a great time spending time with Auntie Marian. I wanted to turn around and keep her hostage the whole way back to the airport on Monday. Here is a slide show of a couple of the things that we did while she was here. I have to admit though I didn't take that many pictures, I think because I forgot, we were having too much fun.

Sofia misses Marian so much that on Tuesday when she woke up for her nap the first thing she said was, "Marian?" I had to tell her that she left. We all really miss her!