Thursday, February 25, 2010

Watch out Rick Bayless!

So when Chad and I went to Chicago we went to Rick Bayless's restaurant Frontera. It was everything that I had hoped it would be. There was NO disappointment!!!!!!!!! He is absolutely my food hero, I wish I had even an ounce of his talent.
Well Chad bought me one of his cook books, which is probably one of the most amazing cook books out there. It is not just a giant book of complicated recipes, but actual great advice, and it is a great read. I am learning a lot.
So I made guacamole, which I learned is fantastic if you have decent, ripe avocados. Completely fresh ingredients, and garnish with radishes.
Once it was made, Chad and I gorged ourselves on guacamole!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Yesterday during lunch Sofia and I were talking about all of her, "favorites." I was asking her what her favorite color was, what her favorite food, place to go, etc... Well I also asked her who her best friend was, and she said, "You, Mommy." It melted my heart, I mean how sweet!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Public Bathroom

So I have to confess, I have totally been dragging my feet with the whole potty training thing. We bought a potty, books, panties, and such all when we were suppose to, however I just don't want to do it! Diapers are so much easier, and less intimidating. Well Sofia has decided otherwise, and as Chad put it "Potty Trained herself, in spite of us." She will go to the bathroom all by herself, take her diaper and such off, and then come and tell me that she went, and that she needs help to flush it down.
Okay so now I am giving in. I now put panties on her, and give her "pp treats," when she goes (jelly bellies). She has worn panties all day on Friday, and now all day again today. She even wore them out on errands, and she went at Costco! I thought it would be awful, and of course her first restroom trip had to be disgusting Costco, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I wiped the seat, and used tissue paper. I even resisted the temptation to soap and water her bottom down. I stayed cool, calm and collected. We washed hands and left! I have to say, I am really proud of my daughter, but I am also really proud of myself. I think I will be able to potty train without too much scarring:)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Check this out! Sofia loved watching the gigantic digger shovel snow in our neighborhood. Also just so you know, the picture of her in front of our house, she isn't touching the ground!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well Chad and I went on our babymoon to Chicago, and had a great time. We left on Friday just before the snow hit. We went to the art museum, ate like kings, and tried to sleep in (I guess 9:00 am is sleeping in when you are parents of a 2 year old). Chad took me to Frontera, Rick Bayless's restaurant in Chicago. The food was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! We also got to go get Garrett's popcorn and watch the entire superbowl in robes in our fancy hotel room:) We got a great deal on everything because apparently no one wants to go to Chicago in February. It was warmer there than it was in MD! It was a fabulous weekend. Our flight was canceled on Sunday so we also got one extra day together, which was a great blessing.

Well we came home to three feet of snow! We are currently getting another 12-24 inches now. It definitely looks like we have at least 4 feet of snow outside of our house. It is absolutely wild! We took Sofia out in it to just play and explore- it was crazy. You would step out into it and it came up past your knee!

It has been a nice break from all of our craziness lately. We did laundry, unpacked, and have just enjoyed spending time together (because federal government is still closed, Chad is home!) We haven't been picking up our house like crazy people to show it. The cabin fever hasn't set in yet, we are just enjoying each other:)

Chad with the farmer and his daughter in downtown Chicago

We ate Cheezborgers at Billy Goats

Here I am enjoying a non alcoholic beverage at the bar at Frontera. Notice the gigantic grin on my face!

Chad waiting in anticipation at Gino's East for his second round of deep dish pizza. Notice his gigantic grin!

Here is us in 4 feet of snow!