Monday, January 30, 2012

Sofia's 1/2 Birthday

Sofia turned 4 and 1/2 today!!!!! I can't believe it! 5 years ago this week, I was just starting to tell people I was pregnant, and now I have a beautiful almost 5 year old. She brings absolute joy to my life. She is kind, sweet, funny, smart, and I feel absolutely blessed that she calls me mom! Happy 1/2 Birthday Little Girl.

On Saturday Night we went to "King's Crown," with friends. We surprised Sofia last minute and she was so excited to see her buddies Hank and Charlotte. We had pizza, played games and had cupcakes.

Sofia WON this out of the claw game! I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!! We all were shocked! Yes that is a sun burn on her face from being in our pool....I love January in Southern California!

Emily REALLY enjoyed the cupcakes, I mean really enjoyed them. She tried to eat anyone's left overs.

She couldn't believe how much fun she was having!

Then today she got to bring cookies to school to celebrate. She brought her favorite Chocolate Chip! We made them together last night.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ballet Recital

Sofia had her dance recital last weekend. She was by far the most beautiful Ballerina, and the most talented tap dancer (I am not partial at all:)! I am so incredibly proud of her, and she had a great time.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Conversation with Emily

My conversation with Emily two minutes ago was HILARIOUS!

She came in with a Cinderella barbie and said, "Oh my goodness!......Fabulous!" To which I knew what she was saying and chuckled a little and said, "Yes she does look fabulous." To which she replied "Crack up." Again I knew what she meant and that I thought she was a crack up, and I said, "Yes you are a crack up Emmy." To which she then replied "Hilarious!" I do find everything she says hilarious and fabulous!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Toy Story on Ice

For Christmas the girls got tickets to Toy Story on Ice, so that is what we did on New Year's Eve. It was so much fun! The girls LOVED it, and had a great time. It was like watching them go to a famous Rock concert or something. From the moment the lights went down and the music played they were totally entranced! At the part where Barbie came out, Sofia could hardly contain her excitement and Emily was still, and silent the entire time...I mean really entranced! Here are a couple of cute pics of them in their matching Jessie outfits.

Sofia is a little annoyed with me in picture because she is worried about getting to her seat on time.

Again a little annoyed and would like me to sit down before the show starts....she was VERY excited!

Emily was just excited about EVERYTHING!

Sofia giving us a Jessie wink:)

My two little Jessies

Daddy on Emmy duty during intermission, she found the stairs.

The Barbie part!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

This year we had a great time ringing in the New Year! We spent New Year's Eve with Tim and Brandy and their cutie kids. We all had a good time. We hung out, had pizza, let the kids run wild, lit sparklers, did the hot tub and laughed a whole lot! We were all in bed asleep by 9:30, it was perfect:) (A little different New Year's Eve than 10 years ago:)
Here are a couple of pics from our great time:

Sofia and Addie getting ready to ring in the New Year

Just one of Emily's 5 costume changes that night

The Dads and the kids in the hot tub

New Year's Princess

Brandy and Tim lighting fireworks

Emily and Chad thoroughly enjoying lighting stuff on fire!

More fireworks. The kids loved writing their names with the fireworks.

Emily sporting the New Year's hat, and swim suit the next morning. I think she was hoping for a repeat of the night before.