Friday, May 27, 2011

Texas Visit

So a couple of weeks ago we got to go visit all of our family in Texas! It was so fun. Sofia loved playing with her cousins Anne and Abby. I barely saw her, she was having so much fun! Emily got to get doted on by Grandma, and Papa. I got to have long afternoons of relaxation with my mother-in-law which I treasure. I finally got to see my sister and brother in law's awesome house. And we even got to see Great Granny and Great Grandma! It was an awesome trip.
Here are some pictures:

Great Granny and Great Grandma at dinner

Chad, Emily and Linda at the zoo (I lOVE the Tyler zoo!)

The "original" Smith gang at the zoo:)

The family at the zoo

The girls playing dress up. It was hard to get all the girls looking and not twirling at the same time.

Grandma and Emily at the Science Explora museum.

Anne and Sofia playing Chef at the museum- it was soooooooo much fun!!!! This was one of my favorite things we did while we were there!

Sofia and Abby at the park

Emily and Grandma at the park

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Emily loves preschool

The girls and I go to a mommy and me preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It has been a good transition year ( she will go to real preschool next year) for Sofia and a great year of growth for Emily.
Emily now doesn't take a morning nap so she has really blossomed at preschool lately. She now loves it! She eats snack with everyone, plays, and participates in circle time. She took her first steps at preschool last week, and today she did her first painting. She also has dine playdough for the first time, and loves all the stuff she can explore and do. I love watching her! It also helps that now she passes out in the car ride home ( which is literally 5 minute!)
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Being mom of two

Being a mom of two has been amazing, and very challenging all at the same time. Like right now I am typing this one handed:) You probably gave noticed that my posts have been less, and shorter.
Somethings that I didn't know but now I do:
Having two is like having 20. The laundry alone I feel like went from annoying to overwhelming. It isn't just more expensive, it is MORE expensive. At the end of the day, my entire body aches from head to toe, and my brain is more like soup, than anything.
I also noticed that there is a lot more laughter, and noise (which I love). I have never felt more like a family. I have become a better mom, and person. And the one thing that I have noticed the most, I never knew I could love two little people more. They make my day, my week, my month, and year. I may feel exhausted, dirty ( it is truly a red letter day when I get a shower), fried, and scared, but never more loved!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Emily took her first steps today! We were at our mommy and me preschool class, and she just stood up and started to walk over to my friend Christine, who she LOVES! It was so exciting to watch. I am so proud of her.
So here is a video, but I took it with my phone, because I just grabbed something. so it is sideways, sorry.