Sunday, October 25, 2009


Okay Okay so I am just know getting around to Disney Pictures. We had so much fun. It seems like every time we take Sofia it is just more fun. This time she got to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Boutique and get her hair, nails, and make-up done! We also went to dinner with the princesses, and saw a lot of characters. The only thing that she said she didn't want to see at Disneyland was Captain Hook, and I thought, "what are the chances of us seeing Captain Hook." Well sure enough he was there! She talked about it for days later:( She loved the tea cups again, and we had to ride them 100 million times, and her new favorite ride is It's a small world. Here are some highlights of our trip.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Sofia got her ears pierced while we were in CA. She will tell you that it pinched a little bit, but now they are beautiful. She doesn't like to get them cleaned, so that has been a little bit of a battle. But she does look really cute, and she loves to show them off.

By far the best concert ever!!!!!

A couple of months ago my brother called and told me he got U2 tickets for the concert in Phoenix. I was so excited and definitely wanted to go, but I didn't want to be an irresponsible mom, so I told him I needed to think about it. I talked to Chad and he told me I was CRAZY, I had wanted to see them forever and of course I should go. So we made our travel plans and I am SOOOOO happy I am an irresponsible mom!!!!!
I flew to Phoenix on Monday afternoon with my dad and got to watch the baseball game and a Monday night football game with my brother and dad. We ate junk food, yelled at the TV and we didn't have to watch our volume.
Then the next day I got to go to an car auction with my dad and shopping! Then after a little rest I got in the car and Tim and I were off to the concert.
The Black-Eyed-Peas opened and they were good, but too loud (yes I know I am getting old). Then U2 came on stage! There is absolutely no words to describe their concert. It was by far the BEST concert I have ever been too. They were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! The sound was awesome, they played a little of everything and I enjoyed EVERY minute of it. Even if I didn't get to have a Guiness:(
Here are a couple of pics and a video. The video if for Marian:) Again I am still on a euphoric high due to their awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!

The screen that they used was "360 degrees" around. It was awesome. Here you can see Bono singing on the screen, and a tiny Bono on the stage.

If you have seen Entourage, when they all go to the U2 concert, and Johnny Drama has an Irish flag, you will see why I thought this was so funny! Remember the concert was in Phoenix.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Change in Travel Plans

Well this has been a whirlwind couple of weeks! We went to Newport Beach CA, and it was wonderful! We walked the beach, Sofia played in the sand, we had ice cream in Laguna Beach, and of course went to Disneyland. I will post pics as soon as I catch my breath:)
On the way to the airport we decided to change travel plans (I know most of you, especially my college buddies are not surprised!) Instead of flying home to Maryland with Chad, Sofia and I flew to New Mexico with my family. We then stayed there for a couple of days, and then I did the hardest thing ever, I left her there and flew back to Maryland alone! I had to have the same surgery that I did with Sofia, so my family graciously offered to keep her while I recover.
The surgery went well, and Sofia is of course having a blast, and I will fly back to get her soon. I will then stay in New Mexico all the way through Halloween! Chad is going to get a lot of work done:)
Sofia was sad the first day, and couldn't understand where I was. So Noelle and my mom tried to explain to her that I had gone to take care of the Mad Hatter. Well she interpreted this as I was going to, "change the Mad Hatter's diaper and give her a bottle." I tell you, she is just too funny, I hope that I won't have to fly 4 hours every time I need to change this new babies diaper, and give it a bottle!
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.