Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Girl is 6!!!!!!

I can't believe it, I officially have a six year old!!!!!  She is wonderful, beautiful, amazing, talented, respectful....I could go on and on and on:)  
We went to American Girl and of course brought Saige (her doll, that she LOVES) and celebrated with Mimi, Emily and Sullivan.  It was so fun to celebrate such a fun girl.  Happy Birthday Little Girl.

Started the day with gifts.  She finally got her Cinderella bike that she wanted SO badly.  She rode it all over the house:)

Happy Birthday to you!

Birthday girl's sister- that is the title Emily gave herself.

My Mom with all the kids, at the Grove with these beautiful pinwheels and flowers.

Emily rocking her baby, so sweet.

The professor

Sullivan showing us, that he is indeed done with American girl.

Saige, Sofia, and her balloon.

Sullivan at his business lunch.

Birthday girl, ready for bed.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Sofia has decided that she wants to be two things in life:  a veterinarian and a cheerleader.  I will help her do both:)  We started with cheerleading.  She LOVED it!!!!  She went to a class every week, performed in two parades, and at the Dodger game. It was super exciting to see her doing something she loved.

Sofia's and her #1 fan

LOVE this one!

I love this picture because it shows the chaos and fun that it is to be at a parade:)

Here is Sofia and her coach

It was also Emily and Sullivan's first baseball game.  They weren't very interested in the game.  However they loved all the junk food, and the GIANT bobble heads.  Sullivan kept telling us he wanted to hold it's hand and then for us to take his picture.  It was all quite hilarious!!!!  Emily is still 
talking about the cotton candy:)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We love summer!

We have all LOVED summer.  The sleeping in, the PJ days, playing, playing and more playing.  We also love the beach....well two of the three do.  Sofia was born to be a beach babe!  She loves the water, the sand, the sun, the running, playing everything about it.  Emily loves, none of it!  She doesn't like being outside, the water, the sand, the hot.....I mean none.  Sullivan loves the sand!  He loves building with it, throwing it, shoveling it, sitting in it....he likes the water, but every time there is a big loud crash of a wave he is done, and it is cold.  My favorite part is that he calls it a "hot pool,"  because that is what we call our hot tub at home, and then is really shocked and possibly offended when the water is cold.  He always says, "NO, NO, and runs away crying."  Here are some pics of our recent beach outing.  We went with family friends and had a GREAT time!  I think our smiles in all of the pictures tells you that though:)