Sunday, August 23, 2009

Take me out to the ball game

John and Kelly won tickets to a baseball game at Josh and Joanna's adoption auction. So they asked us to go with them, and of course we said, "YES!" That night it rained cats and dogs, so we decided to leave Sofia at home, and Chad being the wonderful husband that he is he let me go! I had a BLAST!!!! It was a good game, and great company, and even better to just get out and hang out with friends. They played the Brewers and only lost by two, and I got to see a grand slam. It was all very exciting.

Doesn't this look like a cellphone commercial? With the three bars, it totally cracks me up!

I love Dorothy!

Sofia got the Wizard of Oz DVD for her birthday from her friend Katie, and it has already gotten a lot of miles. Today Sofia got to watch a little bit while I got lunch ready for her, and this is what I saw:

It's just too cute:) The puppy that she is holding is from my mom. His name is Lancelot (just like her dog at home) and I think Lancelot is slowly turning into our comfort toy. He sleeps with her, and much like Toto, goes a lot of places with Sofia.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forever and a day

So this has possibly been the CRAZIEST summer ever. Fun but still crazy.

It all started off when I decided to open my own business. Yes I am officially a Pampered Chef consultant, so if you are in need of a party or fun kitchen tools let me know. I am busy, but still having a great time cooking!

We have been all over the map as well. We went to Texas to see Grandma, Grandpa, Granny, Grandma, Aunt Karen, Uncle Scott, Anne and my new niece Abby. We went to New Mexico to see Mimi, PB, Aunt Noelle, Aunt Mary Kay, Uncle Frank and a lot of friends. We then went onto Arizona to see Uncle Tim, Elphaba, and Glinda:) Then back to Maryland to celebrate Sofia's 2nd birthday. We then went onto the beach in New Jersey. We went onto see Cape May, Storybook land, and Atlantic City.

Then we came back in time to celebrate my birthday.
We have been really busy!

Here are a couple of pictures of our summer to catch everyone up. They are by no means all of them, nor are they inorder. Just a sampling of the last couple of months. I promise to be better about posting now that life will slow down?

We have gone swimming almost everyday. Sofia now goes under all by herself, and is absolutely fearless!

Aunt Noelle painted Sofia's nails, while Mommy got her nails done, a real treat:)

Sofia LOVED playing with Anne while we were in Texas. Here they are at story time together.

Sofia also loved her new cousin Abby, she even got to hold her!

4th of July was really fun. There was a parade in Linda and Fletcher's neighborhood, that Sofia even got to be a part of.

Anne and Sofia loved playing on the slip and slide. Aunt Karen even gave it a whirl to show the girls how it is really done:)

Isn't my new niece beautiful!

Here we are celebrating my birthday at play group this morning. I let the girls blow out my candles.

Sofia at Story book land. I thought this was hilarious!

My mom and I entered a top chef competition at our resort. We made grilled chicken with Mango salsa and goat cheese. It was delicious!!!!!

Sofia got to meet Alice-in-Wonderland at Storybook land. She hasn't stopped talking about her and the white rabbit since.

Mimi went on the balloon ride with Sofia, which ended up being her favorite ride at Storybook land. She wanted to ride it a million times.

PB took her to play "golf." Which I think she had a great time at until she threw her club in the water, Oops!

Here she is riding the a zebra merry go round outside of the arcade at Cape May.

Do you think she resembles someone. Having a girl has really given me a window to myself:)

I had a blast with making her cake and cupcakes for her birthday! I was so thrilled that she wanted a Cinderella birthday, because that is my favorite Princess. So naturally I had to make her a Cinderella cake. My mom and I stayed up all night making it and the cupcakes together. It was a blast, and Sofia is still talking about it:)

Here is the birthday girl on her actual birthday. We took her to dinner in downtown Rockville, and she got to jump on the rocks.

Going down the slide in her Cinderella dress at her birthday.

Wow that was a long post, with a lot of pictures. I hope you enjoyed it, because we have certainly enjoyed making all of these memories this summer. I can't believe that summer is almost over:(