Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was a blast! We had a nice relaxing day, and stayed in our PJ's and played all day. It was just what we needed after the crazy year we have had. ON Christmas Eve we went to our new church's Christmas Eve children's service. They asked all of the children to participate in the retelling of the Christmas story, and Sofia was one of the singing Angels. It was super cute. Then we came home and everyone got to open their Christmas tree gift. A tradition that my mom started. Every year you get an ornament for the tree, something about the year. So Sofia's was naturally a Disneyland ornament, and Emily's was her first Christmas ornament. Then everyone was off to bed and Santa came. We had a nice relaxing morning of opening gifts, playing and a great breakfast. We then took a walk, and Sofia got to eat lunch with her new best friend (who now goes everywhere with her). We then all took naps, and had dinner. It was a great day. Here is the day in pictures:

The girls got to open their gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. Both Sofia and Emily love the gift that Sofia got for Emily, and ice cream set. They played with it while we got ready for church.

All dressed up for church

Emily opening up her Christmas tree gift

Sofia opening her Christmas tree gift

Emily and Sofia ready for bed in front of the Christmas tree- which Emily is terrified of. She touched it once and that was it!

The children were all snug in their beds while vision of sugarplums danced in their heads.

Sofia asked for one thing this year- Woody. As you can see Santa delivered. Woody has since gone everywhere with us. She LOVED Woody. She told me that when we aren't around Woody comes to life:)

Emily and her gifts

So with a lot of sleep deprivation, and little time I had a little bit of a Christmas mishap this year. I stayed up one night very late and wrapped every gift. Then I packed them all up and shipped them out. I thought I was so thoughtful that I had even found personalized wrapping paper for my mother-in-laws gift. Well my mother-in-law had bought Chad's gift and had it sent to the house for me to wrap for him. In all of my haste that night, I wrapped Chad's gift from his mom in her wrapping paper and shipped it with everything else to Texas. When she got it I told her the mistake we both laughed and she sent it back, but she "edited," the wrapping! We all found this quite hilarious!!!

Sofia going for a walk with Woody- it was in the high 60s!!!!!!!!

Sofia eating lunch with her new friend, she made him pizza- another Santa gift

Emily at Christmas dinner.

Sofia and Daddy at Christmas dinner. Yes Sofia is dissappointed with Christmas dinner. We had lobster tails delivered by Chad's Grandma- they were delicious! However Sofia was so disturbed by them:)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Firsts for Emily

Emily now eats Cheerios

And can grow a bubble beard! No really she put her face in the water and made her own bubble beard, and laughed about it- so did we!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Getting Ready for Santa

Sofia is so excited for Santa she can hardly stand herself. She has been trying to go to sleep all morning, in hopes that it will make the big man come early! She insisted that we make cookies first thing this morning, even before we had breakfast- or coffee! Here is a video of her. She is getting to be such a big girl!

We then had to write our letter to Santa. She was very specific on what it needed to look like, and say.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have always liked Disney, but I never really understood how Disney was a multi-billion dollar company until I had Sofia. Sofia LOVES Disney movies, toys, clothes, and especially Disneyland. I think she would live there if you let her, it is just fortunate that now we live so close. Today we played Disneyland. She set up her castle (because there is a big castle in Disneyland- in fact it is Sleeping Beauty's castle), and her Snow Whites cottage. You will also notice in the center of the picture by the cottage it is the teacup ride, the to the left is the Alice-in-Wonderland ride, and above that is It's a Small world ride. It was really cute, she would make her characters ride the rides and she would sing the song. All while wearing her Ariel dress. Emily participated by eating Snow white- her new favorite princess. We had a blast!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Field trip

We have been so blessed her in California. We have great weather, a wonderful church, I love our house, but we also have GREAT friends. Sofia loves her friend Carter, and Emily loves his sister Kate! We get to see them a lot during the week, which the girls love. We go to the same preschool so the other day we all rode together to the field trip. It was a lot of fun! Carter and Sofia loved sitting in the back seat together, they kept saying this is so much fun. Sofia still hasn't let me move her car seat back in case Carter wants to ride with us again:) Here are a couple of cute pics from the field trip. We went to the Children's museum in Chino- it was so much fun. Please notice Emily's new hair do- she has so much hair that it is now getting in her eyes, so my solution was to tie it up, it looks like Cindy Lou who. It is very silly.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Such a cutie

Granny gave Sofia a gift card for her birthday, and I thought that she would just love a new Christmas/winter outfit. Sofia loves snow and since we won't see a lot of it, I thought I would get her some cute clothes with snow on them. This is one of the outfits that I got her, and she looked SO cute! Thank you Granny!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A very fun and busy holiday time

So I have not posted because we have been so busy having way too much fun! But I thought it was time to update you on all of our fun.
First there was Thanksgiving:

Sofia and I made a gingerbread house

Emily and Sofia played with a stuffed turkey and were very silly

I cooked and we all ate

We put up our Christmas tree

The next day Sofia and Daddy planted a strawberry plant together
- thank you Auntie Marian

We blew bubbles for Emily for the first time and she LOVED them!

We made Christmas cookies, and did a snowmen project

Just Sofia and I went to the Nutcracker together- it was very special to spend some time together.

We moved her kitchen into the kitchen, and she loves it, and cooks up some great dishes for everyone.

We also went to the Christmas Parade in downtown Glendora. Only in southern California does Santa wear sunglasses:) It was a blast!

We have had a fun holiday season and it still isn't over yet! Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas season as well.