Friday, September 23, 2011


So I consigned the girls clothes last spring and it was actually really hard to do (as most of you know I am SOOO sentimental), and A LOT of work. I also got rid of some of my baby equipment, and gave away my maternity clothes. Well as you may have guessed, I completely jinxed Chad and I. Yes that is right we are expecting baby #3 in March!

Sofia is sooooo excited about being a big sister again. She has named the baby Orange Blossom Strawberry Shortcake Lemon Meragne Smith, but for short we will be calling it shortcake:) She will also tell you that the baby is coming on St. Patrick's day, that is it's due date!

We are all so excited about our unexpected surprise baby shortcake!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exercise Momma

We had officially ran out of things to do while the girls were sick. They were starting to go stir crazy. So I popped in one of my postnatal exercise videos to do with their babies. They LOVED it! Here is Emily with her baby, Sofia didn't want to be photographed, but still loved it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For Great Granny

Sofia got this really cute outfit from her Great Granny for her birthday that is perfect for school. She looked so cute I couldn't help but take a billion pictures of her that morning! I decided to only post a few though:)
That you Granny, she looked precious!

Emily is of course happy to wear a pj top and a diaper to take sissy to school:)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Sofia officially started school today! She has done VBS, a summer school program one summer after Emily was born, and a mommy and me preschool last year. But today it was official, she started a preschool program two days a week with out me, that will be for an entire school year! Neither of us cried, which I was surprised. But we were both excited, and I was proud of her. She said she has a great time.

Here are some picture of her, and her project she did:

Having breakfast and getting ready for the big day

All set and ready to go (notice the giant grin:)

Outside of her school

Her riding in a school bus. She cut her own wheels, which I was super impressed with! She also added clouds, a flower, and I lover her tree with the hole in it:)

I took Emily to the Mommy and Me preschool. She will do this while Sofia is at her preschool. She took a long time to warm up, and was my shadow for the first hour. Then she found this pool with pillows and blankets where you could read (and roll around). She was fine the rest of the time.

My two school girls

Emily reading in her "pool." Sorry it's sideways.

Coloring her person for the school box.

Then we went to McDonald's to celebrate the first day of school. It was a fun day....but now I am EXHAUSTED!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Friend or Foe

I think this is the real question in our house these day. One day Sofia and Emily are laughing, playing, having a great time, and the next they are bugging each other and crying, complaining, and driving me NUTS! I think this is the normal sibling relationship, however I am wondering will they be more friends or more foes....I am not sure yet. I think a lot of it may have to do with age. Emily has finally found a voice, and a lot of that voice is "NO!" Sofia is so sensitive, that this "hurts my feelings." Sofia wants Emily to follow the rules and play, Emily just wants Sofia to leave her alone and play. Here are a couple of cute pics of them playing nicely together though:)

Ok, this last one is of Emily drawing over one of Sofia's art pieces, with all of her "friends," by her side....I guess this could explain some of Sofia's frustrations:)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Family Day

So between this summer being busy, and the last week being sick we haven't gotten to just take a "family day." Well we finally got it! On Tuesday Chad played hooky from work and we all went to Disneyland for the first time since last April. It was really fun! Emily was finally old enough to really enjoy it, and not just sleep the whole time.

The girls have really changed over the summer, and now they are into new things. Sofia my little dare devil is into fast rides, and roller coasters. So for the first time she got to do Splash mountain, and any roller coaster that we were willing to stand in line for. She also got to ride on Small World with her "boy friend." Amanda (his mom) and I were told to ride behind them in the boat. It was so funny to see them together! (You know you live in Southern California when you see people you know at Disney:)

Emily is OBSESSED with Princesses, but especially Belle. She talks about Belle, and the Beast, and Gaston, all the time. She always requests to listen to Belle in the car, over and over and over again....we are all a little sick of it! So she finally got to see Belle her idol, and it was precious! She got really excited when she first saw her, then when she met her, she was a little star stuck. I literally thought she was going to pass out. Then she didn't want to leave, she wanted to just sit in Belle's lap:) She talked about it for days later! She also loved sitting with Jasmine, and was a little awed by Snow white, but the funniest was when she kept asking Aladdin was his Monkey was! So fun:)