Thursday, November 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Sofia wanted to let everyone know that she is officially in the Christmas spirit!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lots of pictures, and a little update

So here we are and it is already the middle of November! So here are pictures of Halloween. I know it was like two weeks ago. Sofia was Tiana, the new disney princess, I was the Mad Hatter (in honor of the new baby being named that by Sofia), and Chad was a Dad:)
We said Good-bye to our neighbors by going to Chuck-E-Cheese the night before they moved to Singapore. We have started to redo our bedroom, which is where the "Mad Hatter," will live. Sofia has continued her love/obsession with letters, and is also apparently busy growing a baby in her belly as well. Her babies name is "Alice-in-Wonderland." Don't worry we have been informed that Daddy doesn't have a baby in his belly, he has "Nofing."

I wonder where she heard this?

They call her Grace!

Trick or treating with PB. She loved going house to house, and getting candy! She kept telling us, "one more house then done." It was FREEZING!!!!

Here she is on Halloween with Rachel. She LOVES Rachel. Rachel is our neighbor who was the flower girl in our wedding, and just a so wonderful, I love watching her grow up! And Sofia adores her.

Here is Daddy and Tiana on Halloween. Please notice the hat and gloves:)

The Mad Hatter and Tiana out trick or treating.

Here letter obsession. She LOVES playing with them in the bath and lining them all up and singing the Alphabet, or sorting them. She is just too funny.

Sofia the Ballerina. Notice she is the smallest one in the class, and the only one in pink tights. I just couldn't do tan! She did love getting all dressed in the outfit, but I don't think this studio is for us. We are going to try another one next week.

She really loved being one of the big girls, she told me later:)

Riding the Carousel with Harper and Ida Jane at Chuck-E-Cheese. It was fun to play, but sad to see them go.

Playing air hockey with Ida Jane

So I guess because I can't really nest in our house because the baby won't have it's own room, and we have NO room at this Inn for anymore baby stuff. I have resulted to clearing everything out. I have truly gone through every cabinet, cupboard, drawer, closet, attic and such clearing out. This was just the beginning of our donation pile. Those of you that know me, know that I am a HUGE pack rat! I blame my sorority mixer days (you never knew when you might need those skin tight black patten leather pants again!) so I kept everything. Well not anymore I am being ruthless!!!!! It is all going, which I hope in the end I don't regret.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Trader Joe's Trip

Yesterday we went to Trader Joe's to get some groceries. I normally avoid errands (especially Trader Joe's) on Saturday, but we are still playing catch up from our month in NM. Well it was close to nap time and I was trying my best to do my shopping, entertain my 2 year old and get out of there. Sofia and I play the Wizard of Oz game where she pretends to be the witch and I pretend to be Dorothy (sometimes we switch). Well in the middle of Trader Joe's Sofia tells me, "you be Dorothy Mommy and I will be the witch." so of course I had to do my line, then she did her line in top volume. We got some pretty interesting stares:) Here is a video of us playing this game at home a couple of months ago. So just imagine this playing out in a crowded grocery store. It was hilarious!!!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

NM trip

So we have had a great time in New Mexico. Thank you Thank you Thank you to my family who took care of Sofia and I for an entire month! So here are some highlights of our trip so far I will try to post more later

Sofia loved to "play," with Lancelot and pretend that she was also a dog!

Ahhhhh, that's my girl. She already has a love of driving a mustang.

Miss Kathy fitted Sofia for her first pair of Ballet shoes. She will be starting ballet soon.

Noelle and Sofia at the zoo enjoying some cotton candy

Sofia and Noelle enjoying a little hug at the zoo.

A true jumping shot.

Mommy and Sofia at the zoo, oh I love her!!!!

Rosie and her new baby Daisy at the ABQ zoo

It is so dry in ABQ that Sofia would wake up like this every morning!

So my mom would do some magic with leave in conditioner and convince Sofia she was making "princess," hair. She loved it.

Sofia enjoying a nightly soak at Mimi's in her giant tub.

Sofia reading a book in Mimi's backyard.

Sofia all dressed up in Noelle's tutu and playing with her giant bear.