Friday, July 17, 2009

There's no place like home

Well we are finally home after our adventurous summer. We had such a blast, and I think I can safely say Sofia and I are exhausted! It was great to see family and have help all the time!
One of the things that we did on our Phoenix leg of our trip was we went to see "Wicked." I know you are thinking, she took a 1 year old to see a musical. Well it was worth every penny. She LOVED it! She sat the whole time. She did sing along with most songs, and whenever Elphaba was not in view, she asked "Where did Elphaba go?" The music was so loud that I am pretty sure no one even heard her.
Here are a couple of pictures from that night. We even got to see some of the cast members, who LOVED Sofia's shoes. In fact Katie Clark who played Glinda was definitely trying sneak out couldn't resist stopping to say hello to Sofia and tell her how cute she was. Sofia was definitely star stuck when she met Elphaba, and couldn't sing for her, but the actress sang Defying Gravity for her. The whole night was really cool!
PS I will post more pics of our whole trip when I am not trying to unpack, chase Sofia, and be SOOOO tired all at the same time:)

Sofia with her playbill

Meredith Clark singing "Defying Gravity," to Sofia

Katie Clark aka Glinda with Sofia

The whole crew.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

hello, how are you?

It feels like forever since my last post. I just wanted to let everyone know all about the fun we are having. We spent last week in Tyler with Grandma, Papa, Aunt Karen, Anne, Uncle Scott and baby Abby. We also got to see Granny. She looks amazing! Thank you all so much for your prayers, she is back home and her recovery looks like it is progressing. I will post pictures of the cousins when I get a chance. They had a blast together!

We are now in ABQ with my family and we are having a great time. Sofia gets to eat as much bacon as her little body will hold for breakfast so she is in heaven!

I did want to share one funny story though. If any of you have talked to me on the phone in the last two years, you know how short my conversations can be:) So today my mom and I were getting ready and Sofia was playing with her old fashion telephone and this is the conversation she was having:

"how are you?"
"I am good,"
"Oh sorry I have to go, bye!"

My mom and I laughed and laughed, because this is exactly how most of my phone conversations go!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tea Party fun

Sofia is really into tea parties. Josh and Joanna gave her a really nice tea set for Christmas that is glass so she can only do that one with Mommies supervision. She really likes it though because she can stir the little cups with the silver spoons (see video below). However she now has a cute little plastic tea set that is awesome! She will offer you tea and say please and thank you, it is really cute. We also went to the Kid's Festival in Bethesda a couple of weekends ago where there was a whole booth set up for just tea parties. Sofia loved dressing up in the hats and boas, and then got to sit and have tea with Ms. B. It was a little bit of a disaster because all she wanted was to eat the pretend cupcake. When it was her turn to "eat," the cupcake she then realized it wasn't real, and that she was not going to be able to keep it, she lost it. I mean real screaming, people were staring, it was actually pretty hilarious that she got so upset over the cupcakes, and just wanting to eat it:)
Here are a couple of pics and videos of our new found love of the tea party. One of my favorites is the one on the bottom where my mom and her are having tea "long distance," through skype. And yes they are both wearing hats (and I am too, I am just behind the camera:)

Picture with the cupcake before complete melt down

trying on all of the dress up clothes

Having Tea with Mimi through skype.