Saturday, February 19, 2011

torture ideas

So I am totally convinced that a meal (breakfast and lunch in particular) with a three year old and a baby should be used as a form of torture. First, you have hungry grouchy children who need food immediately ( you are probably starving and sleep deprived yourself). They are demanding food (probably something besides what you've made them).

So you get to work as fast as you possibly can under your harsh conditions. You may also (as is my case) have a dangerous, and screaming infant getting into stuff while you are making said meal. Okay so you put the infant in her seat with something to eat while you finish making everyone's meal. You finally sit down to eat, and someone will need something, so you go and fetch it. You sit down again longingly looking at you corn dogs, or left overs or something that 4 years ago you probably wouldn't have served your enemy much less eaten yourself. Ok I reach for the first bite, and " mommy can I have a dessert?" You look at her plate and she has taken one bite of the meal that took you 20 years to prepare because you got interrupted 20 times, so you lovingly reply, "you haven't eaten anything." and she will say, "I know I'm not hungry." Ahhhhhhhh!!!! You keep your cool though because you still need to eat. You say to her, "Just a couple more bites." But by now your infant is throwing stuff off of her tray, at you, so you think, why did I shower again today, oh wait that was 3 days ago, never mind. So you get up again to give her something. Anything to keep her busy so that you can eat just one bite of your disgusting and now cold meal. To no avail, they are both finished, wanting and needing to sit in you lap, and hold you.

Oh well maybe I can eat tomorrow..... no probably sometime next year. . .

And that my friends is why you realize that raising your kids is similar to torture, and that any country could use this method to extract government secrets from the most hardened agents. I must be sick and twisted though because I wouldn't change a day with my girls for anything, well maybe a peaceful hot meal:). Just kidding not even that!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Emily got ahold of Sofia's markers and here are the results! She colored the floor and herself!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This made me laugh!

here's to technology

Chad and my brother kept telling me to get a new phone, specifically the evo. I kept telling them I didn't need something so fancy. Well I finally had to do it when Emily are my phone (I think it might have been a conspiracy and she was in on it!) Now that I have it, I do love it. It is like a little mini laptop. So this is my first post using my phone! I still don' t have the key board down so there will be some mistakes, but it does make getting in touch with everyone so easy! Here's to technology, even though I do fight it 90% of the time.