Thursday, July 28, 2011

Marian's visit part 2

Well Marian went back to Ireland (BOO!!!!!!!) but we had an awesome time. I am so glad that she was here for so long. I know all of us were sad to see her go. Sofia cried the whole way home from the airport (so did I), Emily is still asking where she is by calling for her every morning, and I think even Chad is feeling the loss of Marian (she is the female version of him:). But here are some of the highlights from the last couple weeks of her visit.

Marian and I went to Las Vegas for a weekend. I finally had Emily weaned and we were off for a girls (big girls) weekend. We had a blast!!!!!

We hung out by the pool

We had a very fancy dinner (I didn't have to cut up Marian's food, or plead with her to take one more bite!)

We gambled, and this is what I started out with.

This is what I ended up with:(

We had drinks

and more drinks:)

Super Nanny, I mean Marian, got Emily to go to sleep on her own, without crying, in her crib for both nap and bedtime!!!!!!

We went to one of the top ten restaurants in the WORLD!!!! It is called Bizarre and it is in LA. Marian and I got to meet Adam Pliska the President of the World Poker Tour. He was very nice and bought us the drink that is named after him at Bizarre. The picture quality is terrible, my phone was dieing:(

Marian also helped me hang up Sofia's canopy that our dear friend Rachel gave us. She loves sleeping under it!!!!

We also roasted marshmellows and played Mad Libs one night in the backyard, it was one of my favorite things we did the whole time she was here! We laughed so hard. I had forgotten how much fun those were.

Then to end the trip Marian and I did Disneyland together. I felt like I was on SUPER DUPER HIGH FUN!!!!! I mean really Disneyland with your best friend!!!! We stayed all day and had a blast. We were laughing so hard on one ride, my stomach literally hurt:) We also got to see Tinkerbell fly over the castle during the firework show and it was very cool! I made Marian ride my favorite adult ride the "Tower of Terror," I don't think she has forgiven me yet:)

I know she is probably sleeping, and will be for about a week, but I MISS YOU MAR!!! It was fun, and hopefully I will see you very soon:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


You can't really see it, but Sofia's shirt says, "The Leprechauns made me do it!" and they are both eating Hoola, Hoops. Always a request from Sofia...and now I suspect Emily:)

I had to write that post title in all caps, because I wanted you to feel my excitement! Yes Marian will be staying with us for an entire month. I love it, I feel like I am truly in heaven. We have done a lot since she has been here (only a week) and there is still a lot more to do:) Like Vegas!!!!!!

Here are a couple of the things we have done so far.

We went to Newport Beach, and had lunch and beach fun one afternoon. It was very fun for everyone, except Emily. She didn't really like the sand or the water. She did love her nap though:)

We also celebrated the 4th of July with a parade in the morning, a BBQ in the afternoon, and fireworks in the evening. It was all a lot of fun!

We also went to Huntington Gardens. It was really hot, but we all had a great time. Sofia even got to bring her friend Carter along. Emily got to bring Baby, who proceeded to get a bath from all of the fountains in the children's garden. It was a fun day.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Since Emily is the second born she very rarely gets her own moment. So here are some fun things going on in her life, today, it changes by the moment!

She is a big talker. She has at least 30 words, and attempts to repeat everything. Some of my favorites are "Here you go," "Sissy," "Bubbles," "hot pool," "Dog," "Cookie," "Barbie," "Belle", (which is the name for any princess) "lollipop." She also counts, which is hilarious! When we play hide and go seek, she runs around the house shouting 5! 6! 7! and 9! I have also included a video of this. She is so sweet, and LOVES Sofia. Anything Sofia is doing, that is what she wants to do. Although she also will play by herself with her princesses or Barbies a lot, especially if she thinks she might have to share (she isn't great at that yet.) She is sleeping through the night...finally, and is almost weaned....thank heavens. She got her first hair cut the other day because it is out of control! She still loves dressing up, and her favorite thing to wear lately are Sofia's panties on her head:) She is walking, talking, bossing, and figuring out the world all at once. Here are a couple of cute pics.

PS Any picture that has something on her head, she put there. She LOVES hats, panties, scarves, bows, sweatbands, etc on her head. She is too funny!

Emily with her "Belles" or princesses

Emily taking care of Baby.

Emily with Sofia's panties on her head, and yes we have gone out in public like this, because she thinks she looks, and I quote her "pretty."

Pre Haircut in the chair.

Post Haircut

Emily sweating it out to the oldies....Richard Simmons style

Here she is dancing at the 4th of July parade

Yes Emily is sporting the Easter PJs and hat on 4th of July evening

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace

My younger sister got married last weekend, and it was a blast. We were busy but the girls and I had so much fun with all of the wedding festivities that the week just flew by. Noelle married an amazing man named Christopher that we all just love. They will truly live Happily Ever After, and we feel priviledged to have been a part of it. The girls, Chad and I were all in the wedding. Because of that I don't have any pictures from the day:( But here are a couple from the week before:

Sofia might have been more excited about this wedding than Noelle! She has been playing wedding for weeks now.

My two precious girls at the bridal tea

My Aunt Mary Kay with the girls at the tea

The Bride with her flower girls

Rachel (who was my flower girl) Noelle's Maid of Honor and Emily

Emily with her tea cup

Sofia pulling her charm out of the cake (that she helped decorate:)

Sofia and her BFF acting very silly. They put the tea covers on their heads and were singing songs.

Since my girls LOVE to dress up, this was their cup of tea (sorry I couldn't resist:) They had hats that you could wear to tea, they had a blast trying them all on!

A little snack before the rehearsal dinner

The Bride, Mother of the Bride, and the flower girls at the church before the rehearsal

Mimi, PB and the girls after the rehearsal

This is the only picture I have of the wedding day:( It is Sofia getting her hair done. She looked beautiful!