Friday, September 26, 2008

Newport Beach Slide Show

So we are heading home tomorrow. Six hours on a I can't wait:) But I thought that I would share some pics of our trip. Here is a slide show from my mom's camera.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Disney Picks

Sorry I couldn't resist more pics, they are all just so cute. I guess I should have just done a slide show...maybe next time:)

Notice how far she is standing from Goofy....she wasn't so sure of him (or any of the characters with a "mask." However she loved to look on from a far and wave)

She is trying out the car in toon town, while enjoying a rice cake.

Minnie ears! The only time she wore them was for this picture:(

Riding the tea cups AGAIN with Uncle Tim.

Watching the princess show. Where she met a prince and she kept blowing kisses to him!

Disney Land... I am not so sure about this.

One thing that I forgot to mention in my Newport post was that Sofia took a little bit of time to warm up to Disney Land. We took her on the pirates of the Caribbean first, she clung to me. She didn't cry, she just wasn't sure about the dark. So of course the next ride we took her on was the haunted mansion, she really didn't like that one. So we then took her on Dumbo, the tea cups, and then the Alice in Wonderland ride. She liked the first two, but didn't like the Alice one. We finally figured out that it wasn't the rides, she just didn't like the dark rides. So we stayed on rides that kept us outside:) Here are a few pics.

At lunch with Mimi and PB, Thank you again for bringing me to the best place on earth!

Riding the Dumbo ride with Mommy and PB

Here I am so excited to ride the tea cups, I am not waiting for Mimi, I can get in on my own!

I loved Alice, I would go anywhere with her.

One of these rides again! (Please notice how happy Mommy and Mimi are, and how I think that Disney Land is not for me!)

Newport Beach

Well we made it to Newport Beach California to see Mimi, PB and Uncle Tim. Sofia is having a GREAT time. She has gotten to play, play and play. She has four adults to cater to her, and she is in heaven. We have gone to the beach where we walked on the boardwalk, played on the playground, and got to see exotic birds. The man even put one on her head! Mimi despite being in horrible pain with teeth problems took her shopping. The biggest part of our trip so far has been DISNEY LAND!
Sofia has been infatuated with Donald Duck ever since my brother bought me some classic Donald cartoon DVDs for my birthday. Every morning she wakes up, one of the first things she says is, "Dona Duck." (translation Donald Duck movie please). So we knew Disney Land would be a huge hit. I think her favorite part of Disney Land was Alice in Wonderland (who she blew kisses to, and would have gone home with), the tea cup ride that we had to ride three times, and Donald Duck in the parade at the end of the night. The whole way to the car she kept saying, "Bye, Bye Dona Duck." She has had a great time, and we are still here for three more days!

Here are a few pics from Newport, I will make another post of just Disney.

Sofia and Mommy eating lunch by the beach. We had the most delicious fish tacos.

Swinging on the playground with PB.

Banana the bird on Sofia's head.

Shopping at Nordstroms with Mimi.

Whipped out from all of the playing.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bath time Fun

We always hate to see Ida Jane go home at the end of the day, so a couple of weeks ago she just stayed for some bath time fun. The girls were so cute, playing and splashing. Here are some pics.

Ready to jump in!

Splish Splash we were taking a bath

Waterfall fun

Ready for bed!?!?!

She's a New Mexican!

Some of you may remember that for the last month or two of my pregnancy I CRAVED Austin Grill's salsa. I drank it almost by the gallon. It is spicy, but I LOVE it. Well apparently so does Sofia! The waitress was a little concerned that I was allowing my one year old to dip her chip in the spicy salsa. But you can be the judge, as to weather she liked it (PS She ate an entire basket of chips dipping them in the salsa!)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random Cute pics

Here are some random cute pictures of the new walker, and all of her busy days:)

She loves to read, but who wouldn't if you were wearing a princess crown and a pink fluffy backpack:)

So this is the baby that wouldn't take a bottle, so I was packing all 200 of them up, and NOW she decides that she is going to do a pacifier and a bottle!

Sofia at the Clifford story hour at Barnes and Nobles

She was playing with Ida Jane and all of a sudden they came out of the back room and Sofia was wearing this hat, just like this. It is definitely stylish (I guess just her own style:) So then they sat and had oreos together.

Sofia went over to her friends Gabe's house to play with him and his brothers Luka and Lars. They had so much fun:)

The big green ball

Sofia got this ball at the grocery store, it was on the bargain bin and it amused her while I did my grocery shopping. It was a great purchase it has supplied us with hours of fun!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Dancing Queen

Sofia had a very hard week! So this post will catch you up on all that has gone on this week. Sofia got sick on Monday night with Foot and Mouth Disease.... this translates to no sleep for anyone disease. We were home bound for most of the week, which was hard on both of us. By Wednesday we had to get out. So I took Sofia to a movie, "Mama Mia." She LOVED it. She got popcorn and sat in her stroller, and danced, sang and clapped. It was a great date for the both of us. She was really cute, she just kept smiling at me, almost like she was saying, "Thank you Mommy, this is so much fun!"

By Thursday she was no longer contagious so we met Auntie Megan at Columbia mall and she went nuts at the kid's park. It was really funny to see how assertive, or better yet bossy she is. There was a bigger kid that kept getting in her way. It didn't bother her though, she just pushed him right out of the way.

So now we are all better and our house is back to normal, so hopefully this will be a better week!

Here is a video of her at the play park in the mall:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Sofia has taken up house cleaning as a new hobby. As many of you know I have tried to figure out this whole stay at home thing all summer, and I think I may have some of it down by now (at least naps, cleaning, and of course having fun). But it is really hard to clean when she is awake (which is most of the time). So I noticed that she liked to be doing what I was doing. So here are a couples of pics and a video of my little Cinderella.

PS She LOVES to cook with me, so she has made brownies, corn muffins, pancakes, and of course "hot," (this is the word she uses for her favorite meal which is spaghetti).

Such a big girl

A couple of weeks ago I went with Joanna to IKEA and bought Sofia a table. Joanna made it look really pretty, and stained it to look like our table (thank you Joanna, as always you amaze me!)

So here is my big girl at her table coloring (well and eating crayons) with her BFF Ida Jane.

PS Please notice that she is also clutching her new doll Lulu, a new fan favorite. We had to go out and buy Lulu because Ida Jane had a Lulu:)

90 to nothin'

Well it finally happened! The little girl who pretended she didn't know how to walk, stood up and just walked across the room last night! It was shocking to say the least.
I was making dinner and she was sitting at her new table coloring (but mostly eating crayons). When she got down off of her chair, then stood there for a minute, and just walked across the room to me! I got so excited I jumped up and down, and starting cheering, which in turn made her excited. This is a video clip after the initial walk. It is not as long, but you still get the picture.

After practicing over and over again, she got very tired and just starting laying on the carpet. It was hilarious. Here is a pic and a video of the very exhausted walker!