Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010


Here are some recent great pics of Sofia

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tis the season

When we were moving away from Maryland one of the things I was really going to miss was all of the fun things they did in downtown Rockville. Little did I know that we would be moving to a town with a town center that did some of the same stuff! This last weekend we went to the Holiday stroll, which Sofia has not stopped talking about. It was great, they had lights up, and Christmas music playing. We ate dinner in a little restaurant in downtown, where Emily LOVED the snowflake shiny decorations. Then we went out in to the town center just in time to see Santa coming down the street on top of the fire engine. We stood in line to see him and got a candy cane and a coloring book. We then went to our favorite store, The children's book store. They had one of the music teacher dressed up as a Christmas doll (almost like in the nutcracker). If you dropped money in her basket she would sing parts of Christmas carols. Sofia thought she was a life size doll, and that she was magic. It was really cute to hear her talk about it the whole way home. They also had two princesses there, of course. It was a fantastic way to kick off the holiday season in our new town.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I LOVE being a mom!

Today Sofia and I played tea party with her dolls, Cinderella and Rapunzel. She told me that they were her babies, and that I was the Mimi. So I asked her what her name was, and she said, "I am the mommy." I said, "oh, ok. But what will I call you if I am the Mimi, and these are your babies." and she said, "oh my NAME is Katie." It touched my heart, that she wanted to be me:) This was the true test of absolute approval that I am doing a good job as a mom. She was so kind to her babies, and kept asking them if they needed anything, and spoon fed them, and told me what they liked and didn't like. She even told me that her Cinderella baby was getting sick because she had a cough, and that Rapunzel couldn't have milk in her tea because she was allergic. She was and will some day be a great mom! I can't wait to be a mimi someday too:) I guess this is how my mom felt all of those years ago- thanks mom for everything.

Also earlier today Sofia drew me a picture. This is of us. Sofia is the one of the right and I am the one of the left, notice the eye lashes:)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Sofia and Chad came down with a terrible cold last weekend. In order to keep Emily and I free from germs we avoided them seriously like the plague. We had a great weekend just the two of us. We played together, went to a special church service that celebrated new life- so Emily was recognized. I really missed Sofia and Chad but it was also special to spend that time with Emily. The sad thing is I did get sick:( However Emily stayed well!!!!!!
In other big news Emily got her first tooth!
Here are some picks of the week

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Two girls in a tub:) Now that Emily is sitting up, and has a seat in the bath tub we can bath the girls together! They love it, and play and splash of course. However it also means that Chad and I can tag team bath, dishes, and bedtime a lot easier!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2 is so much more than 1

So if I haven't said it yet, 2 children is A LOT more work than one! That is why the blog has suffered:) That and my infant has turned into the Queen Bee and insists upon being carried everywhere, and not put down for a minute. I should post pictures of my house and car, you all would be horrified!

So the big update:
Emily got her ears pierced, and now sits in a big girl car seat- soon she will be crawling, then walking, oh I am already getting sad.

She also was baptized by our good friend Jim at our new church. It was a very special day, my family came in town for the big event, and Emily was very well behaved.

Emily turned 7 months and so we had a small party with Donut man Donuts- they were just featured on food network, and yes they are DELICIOUS!

Sofia completed her good listener chart and spent the night in a tent with Daddy- it was sooooooo fun, according to Sofia.

We went to New Mexico to see my family, and I forgot my cellphone and camera, so sorry not a lot of pictures. But I did get to see my best friend Marian, and she got to meet Emily for the first time! Sofia spent a lot of time with Mimi and "helped," make her Halloween costume, and we had fun just hanging out and being with friends and family. Here is a picture from Christopher's (Noelle's fiance) phone of Sofia and I on Halloween. I was Cinderella, Sofia was Ariel, and Emily was Tiana for about 2 seconds. My mom as always did a great job on their costumes.