Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This video was taken a month and a half ago, but shocker I never got the chance to post it!  Sullivan is a BIG talker!!!!!  He yells, says "Hi," "Hey," and "Dad," Sofia swears he has said Sofia, but I have yet to hear it.  Here is a video of him saying "Hey."  He says it just like my dad:)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Leaving Little Brother out

So today while I was doing dishes my kids were playing happily in the next room, then it got quiet.  So I did what every mother does, grabs my camera, and hide to video tape whatever they are up to.  They were up to leaving little man out because he sadly can't follow them yet.  Here is the video of the poor little man desperately trying to "catch," them, gain their attention, or just shout and run them into including him.  The video is a little long, but if you hang in you can see them include him in the end, only to make him the bad guy (they are calling him Tybalt, from Gnomeo and Juliet). Awe, older sisters:)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Halloween

    Here they are all making a spooky scowl!
I went with my mom to get the kids pictures taken for Halloween.  They came out soooooo cute!!!  Here are a couple of them.  

My two little pumpkin girls

Sullivan's first Halloween, he is the BIG BAD WOLF!

My littlest pumpkin:)

Cutie Sisters
Mermaid Princess

Reading a spooky story
Little Red

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Well it has finally happened a whole month went by and no post.  That is what three kids will do to a blog:)

We have been busy, busy, busy!!!! I am currently writing this one handed and sleep deprived, I hope at least some of it will make sense;)

Sofia is doing school, ballet, now hip hop class, and will start Daisy girl scouts soon!  I have officially become her taxi.  She has also lost two teeth and is working on a third!

Sofia posing with her first lost tooth with a picture of her at six months when she had just gotten her first tooth in!  Man how time flies!
Emmy is going to mommy and me preschool,  and attempted hip hop class with Sofia until a little boy touched her arm and now she hates it and refuses to go.  She loves to stay at home and play with her Barbies and princesses.  We have also started bible study, where she likes to go because she gets to make a craft.  She is still doing gymboree and loving that.

Emily and Sofia going to hip hop together for the first time (and the last time for Emmy!)
Emily painting at preschool.

Sullivan is growing.  I finally had to take him out of the infant carrier because the plastic was starting to break and I was getting calluses.  He is still not sleeping through the night, because he would rather nurse all night and play all day.  He loves to eat solids, and "true solids" non of this baby food stuff:)

Sullivan sleeping during the day in his glider, please read his shirt!

Chad and I are great, sleepy, but great.  Life with three kids is very full, but also very fun.

There is the Smith family update, now for some photos and video:)  Enjoy!