Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting ready for baby

I first started this post in December, and I am just going to finish it today! Since I have been so limited with my activity, and hesitant to start anything too early with all of my complications, we just finished getting ready for baby this past weekend. We have been doing a little at a time, and then with my mom visiting last weekend and Chad off for the long weekend, we knocked it all out.
Here is what are some of the changes that took place:

We have moved the girls into one room together. All of Emily's belongings are in Sofia's room now. The only thing is she is not sleeping in there yet. I know that will really make things difficult for a while, with getting up, being excited, and the two of them completely goofing off in there together (I know them!). So except for sleeping, she is in her sisters room. Since we put up the bunk bed and moved her stuff over, the two of them spend a lot of time in there together, laughing, talking and telling me to leave:(

Putting the bunk beds up. The excitement was overwhelming!!!!!!!!!!! Emily was hesitant at first, but now she loves it...probably because Sofia loves it.

Here is their room all done, I LOVE IT!!!!!

Here is the nursery, not much has changed since Sofia, except it is waiting for the personal touch of who this little baby is:)

We also got a lot....well what is left of the baby equipment out and cleaned. One thing that was in a corner to be sold, or packed up was the bassinet, thank heavens I am such a procrastinator, because we still had it. So I washed all of the linens and pressed them, and now it too is ready to go.

I love this picture. Sofia makes me art work all of the time, and started "hanging them up in my room where I have her and Emily's pictures hung up. We will be getting pictures done with the new baby so all of it will have to come down so that I can hang all of their pictures up together. I just don't know how to do it...I LOVE this wall of her art work in my room!

Sofia and I made a paper chain, to count down until the baby is here. It is fun to tear one off everyday. Today is 16 more days!!!!!!

The girls were sick the weekend of the big sister class that I signed them up for, so we did it here at the house. My mom was the teacher, and I think it was more fun than the actual class. Emily lasted about 5 minutes, but Sofia LOVED it!!!! Besides they got to wear their new swim suits to class:)

I just have to pack my bag and then we are in business. The date is still set for March 9th, so hopefully I will make it to then....I have a lot of "freedom," plans before baby gets here that I would like to do (one is going to see Ellen Degeneres show!) Thank you all for your love, support and excitement! We are really excited too.

Just so you know, we may have everything ready at home, but we still have no name! I guess that will come:)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby Shower

My friend Brandy threw me an awesome baby shower this weekend!!!! I am sooooo grateful that she did, there is A LOT that I gave away that now needed to be replaced. It was also nice to get together with good friends and celebrate baby shortcake. My mom flew in for it, which made it even more special. Here are some pictures.