Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Fun!

We have been SUPER busy doing Halloween stuff. We went to ABQ to see my parents, and sister, and had a blast. We went to the pumkin patch, carved pumpkins, and went trick-or-treating (which Emily was not fond of until she found out that you got candy!). No pictures of that trip...too much fun, sorry:( We were all suppose to be "Super Why," characters this Halloween, but Sofia changed her mind and REALLY wanted to be a witch, so her and Emily were witches, and baby shortcake was a pumpkin:)
We went to a carnival at our church, and had a blast! Again Emily didn't want to wear her costume....well the tights part until she realized she got TANDY (candy) out of it, and then she was fine. I also took the girls to yes..Disney to see it for Halloween (yes we had already seen it for Halloween 3 times this year, but hadn't worn our costumes yet). Emily got to see her new favorite the Queen from Snow white, and was SOOOOOOOOOO excited to see her, and talked about it for the rest of the day...she's so strange! When we left she was blowing her kisses, both strange because Emily doesn't really blow kisses and, really at the Queen who wanted Snow white dead! Sofia also got to see Minnie in her witch costume, which was the highlight of her day. Mine was coming home and eating all of their candy from the night before:)

Sofia helped me decorate this year. This is her posing with the Halloween village. She didn't like that the headless horseman was headless so she put a skeleton on his shoulders, she's hilarious!

Halloween Carnival at Church:

Disney Halloween:

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I LOVE my girls!!!!!!! Here are a couple of cute pics and a video.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rapunzel Tea

We went to the local bookstore for a Rapunzel tea party. Sofia looked fabulous in her dress that Mimi made her. Even Emily got dressed up for the occasion. It was super cute, and lots of fun!

Dancing with Rapunzel

Emily reading the Princess book at the bookstore during the tea. She is OBSESSED with this Princess Encyclopedia!

Playing Hide and Seek with Paskel

Emily eating Sofia's treats, that she was too excited to eat. Emily is NEVER too excited to eat!

Sofia and Rapunzel

Listening to the Rapunzel story while Rapunzel read it

New Camera!

Chad and I bought a new fancy camera for our birthdays, and Christmas this year. We love it. We have only had it for a week and a half and we downloaded pictures today, and there were 411!!!!!!!! We have been having a great time learning all about it. I will not subject you to all of those pictures, however here are a few:

Emily LOVES posing for the new camera. She always smiles and says, "Cheese!"

Sofia loves to be silly for the new camera, I wonder where she gets that?

She also loves action shots, which you will see a lot of.

Emily caught mid laugh

Sofia caught mid air

Sofia making her lunch

Sofia built an obstacle course to run through while I took pictures...this is just one of like 35:)

Bird on a wire...gotta love how blue the sky is in southern California:)

A Katie did outside our front door the other night