Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sullivan's Baptism

Sullivan was baptized this last weekend, and it was such a wonderful day!  I was such a proud mommy!!!!!  He wore Chad's baptismal outfit, and he looked just as handsome as Chad did:)  My parents were there, and that made it even more special.  I was so thankful that they were there, I couldn't have done the party with out them.  My mom stayed up until well past midnight making casseroles.  The girls were very excited for Sulliman (and the party we had afterwards:)  I made a TON of food.  I wanted to thank everyone who had brought us meals while I was on bed rest, so I didn't want anyone to leave hungry....I think it is safe to say they didn't;)

 This isn't even with half the food on it!  But my mom helped me with setting a beautiful spread:)

I had to have pictures of little man as you walked in the door:)

Here is the man of the moment in his daddy's outfit:)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Vacation 2012

Chad and I wanted to do our first family vacation, however with three little kids, one being an infant we decided to go on a small scale.  We drove 25 minutes down the rode and stayed at a hotel in Disneyland.  It was AWESOME!!!!!  Everyone had a great time, and we didn't have to get on a plane or drive a zillion miles.  We had so much fun just spending time together.

We stayed at the Paradise Pier hotel, and had a spectacular view of California Adventure, and got to watch world of color from our hotel room.  We also ordered room service, which the girls got a huge kick out of.  The pool at the hotel was super fun, and had a water slide!  We took them to two Character Breakfasts, where they got to meet the princesses and then Mickey and his gang.  We rode some rides, and even got to see the new Cars Land.  The girls both got their faces painted.  Sofia's came off after her second trip down splash mountain, we were all laughing so hard our sides hurt!  We also all slept in the same room, which we were a little worried about at first, but the first night we were all laughing (mostly Chad and I), those girls are soooooo silly:)  The second night we all passed out!
Over all we all had a WONDERFUL time.  Both girls cried when we left, they wanted to stay "at the castle."  We will definitely be doing this again!!!!

Here are some pictures, picture heavy and this wasn't half of them:)  We truly had a great time!:

Goofy was there to greet us

Going swimming first thing when we got there

Room service and a special Princess show in the hotel room

View from our room, it was spectacular!

Breakfast with the Princesses.  This was a surprise, they both loved it!

This is Sullivan at the Princesses Breakfast, he also loved it, can't you tell;)

Sleeping Beauty, a favorite by all.

Sullivan was captivated by his Mickey booties.

All of us at the Mickey Breakfast (this is pre-coffee for Chad and I:)

Both girls loved Stitch at the breakfast, I think he is by far the weirdest Disney character!

Emily was adamant about Mickey Mouse meeting "little bear,"  She is so funny with this little blanket.  Mickey was super impressed with Little Bear:)

The girls dancing and getting surfing lessons with Mickey and Stitch

Sullivan may not have been impressed with the Princesses, but he did like Mickey.

 Cars Land opened the day before we got there, it was super cool to see!!!!

The girls both got their faces painted, I was surprised that Emily chose a dragon, but she loved it.  Sofia kept acting like a cat all day:)

Sofia and I rode splash mountain, not once but twice!!!!  It was a blast!

And this is what her face painting looked like afterwards!  Chad and I kept laughing and saying "why so serious!!!!!"

Little Man got a new hat so that he wouldn't get sunburnt, he ended up just looking really cute!!!!